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10 found alive in Italy hotel after two days

Rescuers in central Italy have found 10 survivors after an avalanche buried a mountain hotel.

Four children and a woman have been pulled out of the snow that smothered the Rigopiano hotel, in the Abruzzo region, on Wednesday, following several earthquakes.

Workers say they will work into the night to free the others survivors and search for any more.

At least four people died and about 20 are still missing.

There were cheers as the survivors emerged from a hole in the snow.

They had reportedly taken refuge beneath a collapsed portion of ceiling, where they were able to light a fire to keep warm for two days.

The rescue has been hampered by deep snow blocking an access road.

There are also concerns that further avalanches could follow, Italian newspaper La Stampa reported.

The first person pulled out was an eight-year-old boy, the son of a holidaymaker, Giampiero Parete, who had gone to his car when the avalanche struck and first sounded the alarm by calling his boss.

The boy’s mother, Adriana, was pulled out next, telling rescue workers her six-year-old daughter was still trapped inside.

The little girl was also later saved and the family was reunited at a hospital in the coastal town of Pescara.

Hospital officials told the Associated Press news agency they had symptoms of hypothermia and dehydration, but were otherwise in good health.

“They had heavy clothes,” said Dr Rossano di Luzio. “They had ski caps to cover themselves. They remained away from the snow and cold, they were always inside the structure. That’s why the hypothermia wasn’t severe.”

Friends and relatives of the missing have been gathering at the hospital to wait for news.

The BBC’s James Reynolds, in the nearby town of Penne, said news of the rescue had led to an outpouring of emotion.

In one village, a young woman, who’s worked at the collapsed hotel, dropped to her knees and burst into tears when she heard the news, he said.

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